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More Task Settings - Applicants Only and Hidden
More Task Settings - Applicants Only and Hidden
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We have added a few more settings to your task creation so you can really tailor the experience to your organisation for your volunteers.

However, this guide is to introduce our Applicants Only and Hidden Task toggles.

Click the 'Advanced' button to view these 2 new options, as shown below.

Applicants Only

As it suggests will only assign this task to volunteers that are in the onboarding stages, it will not assign it as a task to anyone who is already using Volaby. We know that you may have information that you would like to collect from your new applicants but is not useful for the users already in your system.

Example: You may decide you want to add a task for resumes that you would like to keep on file but this is not needed for your existing users.

Hidden Task

This means this task will not pop up for your users who have not yet completed it.

Example: You would like to release a task to collect your users express of interest for the end of year opportunities, however after a while this may not be appropriate anymore. So you can hide this when you're ready but it will have still hold the information of those who have already completed it.

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