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New Release: Segmented Bulletins and Resources!
New Release: Segmented Bulletins and Resources!

Send messages, emails and bulletins to different programs, activities and roles!

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

Admins can now send bulletins (including an email notification / message) to different segments of their volunteers.

This can include segmenting bulletins to:

When selecting the option to "Notify Volunteers" - this will also now send them a message within the email (should they not wish to login!).

Examples Use Cases:

  • If your drivers (role type) need to be reminded to update their driver's licences task, you could send a specific Bulletin to one or all programs > but only to those who have the role DRIVER!

  • If you have an Activity that might be cancelled in the upcoming month, you could send out a Bulletin to that specific Activity (in their respective Program) so that all the volunteers are notified and prepared for the upcoming changes.

  • If you had a Program called (say) BRISBANE, and there was a change in the team or organisation that only effected this location, you could send a Bulletin specifically to these volunteers so that others aren't confused, or receive unnecessary information.

This can now also be used for resources! Sharing information with the necessary users!

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