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How to Roster/Roster Information
How to Roster/Roster Information

Tricks and tips around rostering your volunteers onto shift

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

This article includes:

  1. Access to Rosters for Regular or Flexible

  2. Roster Types

  3. Roster Views

  4. How to Roster Using Single or Bulk

  5. Add volunteers to a specific roster

  6. Mark volunteers as unavailable

  7. Add Roster/Session Notes

When you create rosters for your organisation there are a few options to consider. Your type of activity, your roster type and then below we also show you your viewing options including 1 week at a time or 5 weeks at a time.

Please note that when you click publish, the rostered volunteers will be sent an email to notify them of the information.

A text will also be sent 24-48 hours before the activity. The roster has to be published before 4pm BNE Time on the day prior to the activity for texts to send.

You can look at these messages in Customise and Track Communications.

Please note: You can now also print a version of your single roster screen. Scroll to the end of this guide to see more information.

1. Access to Rosters for Regular or Flexible:

If you set your activity to a regular cadence than the rosters will be generated on your behalf for all of the dates you have prompted, you can search for dates you would like to view using the filters button.

Please note: If you have asked for your activity to have regular occurrence without an end date it will create rosters for you until the end of time! When you load the Rosters page it will only populate 1 month's worth for you to view, you can change this using the filters button.

If you are using a flexible activity then you will need to add the roster. To find out more about how these work please click here.

2. Roster Type


Volunteers let you know when they are available but higher permission levels decide who is rostered in each session and post a final roster. The volunteers will then receive an email to say they are rostered on.


Volunteers can put themselves on a roster where there is space and also take themselves off whenever they like, managing themselves.

3. Roster Views

You can select which of these you would like to use as your default by clicking the settings button. Scroll down to see how to create rosters for single and bulk view.


This view will give you a detailed view of that date, clicking through each date as you need and using the filters buttons to select the dates you would like to see.
Click the 2 sided arrow to expand this view to 5 sessions at a time!


This view will instead give you the ability to select the activity and have a view across multiple weeks, giving you visibility over past and future rosters to make informed decisions.

  • Use the dropdowns to view their availability for individual sessions

  • Use the arrow beside the date to view more options and also adjust the weeks you are viewing using the arrows, moving forward and back 1 week at a time or by however many weeks you are viewing

  • Sort buttons to arrange how you view the volunteers

  • Click the 2 sided arrow to expand this view to 5 weeks at a time!

    You can see more about Bulk Rosters here.

Please note once expanded to 5 weeks, you will be able to make drafts and changes to the weeks in your view.

3. How to Roster Using Single or Bulk

How to Roster with Single View:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Rosters’ tab and toggle ‘Single View’ in the top right corner.

2. Select the date and activity on the right-hand side

3. Have a quick look at your volunteer’s availability for each session

  • No indication- the volunteer has not indicated availability

  • Available- the volunteer is available for the session

  • Unavailable- the volunteer is unavailable for the session

4. Click on the box for all volunteers that need to be in the team that day, it will then read ‘to be rostered’.

5. Once the team has been selected you can either

  • Save changes- this will create a draft (no volunteers will be notified)

  • Publish roster- this will finalise the roster (volunteers will be notified and will no longer be able to change their availability for that day)

How to Roster with Single View:

  1. Navigate to your ‘Rosters’ page and toggle ‘Bulk View’ in the top right corner

2. Click on a volunteers availability to roster them on to a session (you also have the option to mark as unavailable)

3. Fill in availabilities for the desired number of weeks using the arrows to navigate weeks.

Please note: You can use the back arrows to view historical roster data

4. Select Publish Changes to roster the volunteers on (You can also Save Changes to draft the roster).

Please note: Ensure you are aware of the volunteer limits when rostering in bulk as you must be in ‘Single View’ to view limits.

Our Tip: Volunteers cannot make changes to availability once rosters are published. Make sure you are aware of how far in advance volunteers set their availability.

Other functions:

Add volunteers to a specific roster (in Single View): This can be done using the ‘Add New Volunteer’ button under the listed volunteers.

Add volunteers to a specific roster (in Bulk View): This can be done using the 'Options' on the right-hand side and selecting ‘Add New Volunteer’.

Mark volunteers as unavailable (in Single View): This can be done using the arrow to the volunteer's name and clicking ‘Mark as unavailable’.

Mark volunteers as unavailable (in Bulk View): This can be done using the arrow in the session box next to a volunteer's name and clicking ‘Mark as unavailable’.

Add Roster or Session Notes: The photos below will show you how to do use roster notes on single and bulk roster view and session notes on single view. This gives you the opportunity to send notes to your volunteers specific to that roster or even down to the specific session.

Please note if you add the roster note before publishing the roster it will be sent in the email when they are rostered, otherwise it will just appear on their My Elements page when they click on the rostered shift. Roster notes can be very handy when utilising flexible rosters to be able to communicate changes with your volunteers, read more here.

Roster Notes
Single View:

Bulk View:

Session Notes

Single View:

Print Your Single Roster

Click the Options button then Print.

A roster page will print like below:

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