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Viewing Volunteer Information
Viewing Volunteer Information

How to access and navigate each user's information on their profile.

Written by Emma Duce
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The aim of this guide is to break down the Volunteer Profile and look at all the information you can access from their profile.

Firstly to get to the Volunteer Profile:

  1. Visit the Volunteers page on your left navigation menu

  2. Find the user you are looking for using the search bar or filters

  3. Click their name to open a pop up of their profile

Contact Information

This section contains the volunteer's name, email address, profile photo and phone number attached to their account. This information cannot be edited by anyone other than the user themselves, this is enforced to secure their data.

Personal Details

  1. Date of Birth

  2. Comments - these are for internal use and will not be seen by the volunteer themselves unless they have access to Volunteer Database.
    โ€‹Program Managers will be able to view the Volunteers within their program and Admins can see all Volunteers in the Volunteer Database.

  3. Roles - these can be added to your volunteers and used to segment tasks, bulletins, etc. You can read more on roles here and segmentation using roles here.

Completed Tasks

This section will include all the tasks that your volunteer's have successfully completed and submitted. You have the ability to click on each task to view the date and user to last edit the task, as well as the most recent information. The actions you have here as a Program Manager or their program or as an Admin are as follows:

  • Permission to edit this task and amend/update this task information to replace the current data in the file

  • Mark as Not Applicable for this volunteer

  • Revoke Task, this sends the tasks back to the volunteer to recomplete

Incomplete Tasks

The list attached to this section will contain all tasks that have not been completed by this user. You will have the option to:

  • Complete this task on their behalf then click submit to save (the task will then move to the Completed Tasks section)

  • Mark as Not Applicable for this volunteer

  • Revoke Task which sends the tasks back to the volunteer to recomplete


This will list each program that the volunteer is currently apart of. You can click the links below to find Program related actions or information:

Activity Enrolments

Current View

We hope to give you clarity over any Activity information in relation to your users without visiting other pages.

You will be able to see at a glance what Activities the user is currently enrolled in. You can then click on an Activity to open a pop up, this will provide insight on:

  • The recurrence of the Activity

  • When they were added to this Activity

  • Who they were added to this Activity by

  • How many days they are enrolled in

  • The upcoming rosters for this Activity

  • If they are unavailable, available or rostered for any of these upcoming rosters

  • An option to navigate to the upcoming roster

  • An additional visual timeline of their history with the Activity

Historical View

These options can also be viewed in "historical", which will show this information for Activities they were previously enrolled in and no longer part of. You can switch to this view by clicking the "Viewing: Current" button as shown below.

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